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What are the Choices in Architectural Presentation Drawings?


Architecture is the art of designing and building physical structures. A great design can be rejected if it is not presented well. So you need good architectural Presentation Drawings in a way that stirs a client’s imagination. It should allow the clients to visualize how a building will look in real life. When you look over the architectural technicians, they will always offer great presentation drawings because a poorly drafted presentation drawing can lose a great project. Continue reading this article to get to know about the different avenues for presenting your architectural concept.

2D elevations and sections

Normally simple projects like small office complexes and warehouses may require only 2D elevations of the building and cross-sections that illustrate internal area functions. You can emphasize different material because it can supply ample information and it clearly illustrates simpler structures. And to enhance your presentation, you need to print these drawings in high-resolution Colour on a heavy board surface. 

Isometric and perspectives drawings

You can provide a better visual solution for a non-technical client with an isometric or perspective view of the structure. They emulate a 3D view and show the relationship between multiple sides of the building. The Colour and texture rendering of these drawings, along with landscaping features, will provide a great representation of the proposed structure for your clients. 

3D Rendered model

Along with this, you can offer 3D rendered models of the proposed structure for your clients because a fully renders 3D model is an optimum solution and well worth the investment for the projects with the great public interest. 

Bottom line

The way of presenting is very important, so you need to prepare a presentation drawing accordingly. Stimulation of an actual building walkthrough will be an added advantage. It would be best to offer your clients a glimpse of what the new building will look like in the real world.

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